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DIY Door Latch Covers

Our girls are 2 and almost 4 now, and slamming doors is already a thing in our house.

I though we had about 8 more years before that!

The biggest issue with this is that neither of them are proficient at opening the doors once they are slammed shut. So lots of little people and puppies get shut into rooms accidentally.

Or maybe not so accidentally.

I’ve seen these door latch covers floating around online since before Evelyn was born.

Crazy Easy Smock from a T-Shirt

This crazy easy toddler smock has become a staple in our house. We use them for eating, crafting, and cooking with our two little girls. And because they are so quick and easy to make, we are never without protection for our girls’ sweet wardrobes.

Harry Potter Inspired Toddler Room

I thought this week I would show you guys around Evelyn's Harry Potter inspired bedroom. 

When we first found out we were pregnant with Evelyn, we decided we would pick a themed room, because Kyle and I are both big media nerds, and none of the rest of our house really showcases this. 

We pretty quickly agreed that if we were having a boy, we would do a Star Wars room, and for a girl, it'd be Harry Potter. 

Well, guess what!

I won that one. 

DIY Toddler Coat Rack

I'm just doing a quick post today to show off Evelyn's new toddler coat rack.

This girl knows that when the weather is chilly, she can't go outside without a jacket.

And the girl loves to go outside!

So, I thought it'd be fun to make a cute little coat rack to hang her seasonal jackets and sweaters on.