My First Sewn Garment

My First Sewn Garment

For the month of August I decided to try something new, along with my crafty sister-in-law (you can check out her Etsy shop here).

We thought it would be fun to host a sew along for a Violette Field Threads dress pattern - the Pearl - since we had both planned on making the dress for our daughters. 

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

I was incredibly excited, and a little nervous, because this would be my first ever sewn garment of any kind. 

But you guys, I had so much fun sewing this dress, that I can already predict many more in the future!

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

The pattern was super detailed and easy to follow, with plenty of pictures to help guide me through. 

And I learned so much about different techniques as well as how garments are designed and put together, that I have a whole new appreciation for clothing. 

Maybe that's just me, but I'm always a total nerd about understanding how things are constructed and why. 

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

I'm still pretty much a beginner at sewing, with only a handful of projects under my belt. 

And sometimes I feel a little tinge of shame admitting that, but then I have to remind myself that we all have to start at square one. 

And these patterns are a great place to start!

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

I used to be intimidated by new knitting projects anytime I tried something I hadn't before, like turning a heel,  or knitting a sweater (you can read about my first knit sweater here). 

But really, when you look at it, knitting is built one stitch at a time, and if you just work little by little, looking up or researching new techniques as you go, before you know it you have a finished object, and you've learned a ton.

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

And sewing is the same way. 

If you just start at the beginning, and work through step by step, you'll get there. 

Just allow yourself the time and space to do so. 

Peonies and Cream - Violette Field Threads Pearl Dress

Speaking of new techniques, there were a few in this dress for me, and so I want to share the resources that I found to be helpful! 

Starting at the beginning, I had never had to cut out pattern pieces quite like this before, so for that this video was pretty helpful. 

I also had only worked with gathers one other time that I can remember, so this helped refresh my memory.

And lastly, for button holes, two tutorials proved invaluable, this one and this one (trust me, this was my first button hole experience, and 8 out of my 9 had zero problems, and my last one just needed adjusting about an 1/8 of an inch and it worked beautifully as well).

I'd also like to share some of the tools that really helped me out on this project. While some of these aren't completely necessary, they did help make it quite a bit easier!


Tear away stabilizer

Wash away stabilizer

Buttonhole cutter

Fray Block

The fabrics I used are Moody Victorian Ditsy by Crystal Walen  Birds in Spring by Mint Peony and Snow // Pantone 66-9 by Ivie Cloth Co from Spoonflower. 

I already have fabric and my pattern pieces cut to make Evelyn a Lauren dress, plus about 8 other VFT patterns in my library waiting!

Now I just need a caffeine drip, and I'll be set ;)

For more photos of sweet little Addie modeling her dress, check out my Instagram

So, now I want to hear about your first garment making experiences, or if you haven't made any yet, what you'd love to make!

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


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