September Favorites

September Favorites

Alright guys, it’s that time of the month again! 

Where did September go, seriously?

This month flew by, and as I’m sure you noticed, I was pretty absent here. 

Something about the change into fall always seems so busy to me!

Here are all the things I’ve been absolutely loving this month!

September Favorites - Fall go-to's for 2017 - Peonies & Cream


Just in time for October, I’ve come back to a podcast that I’ve always enjoyed for interesting, creepy, historical tales. Lore is such a joy to listen to, with short but always interesting stories. Each episode is a different folklore, urban myth, etc type story. Some are well known but with new (to me at least) details, and some are new to me altogether! Plus Aaron Mahnke has such an amazing voice and narration style that I think I could listen to him talk about anything. And if you enjoy this podcast, I believe he has a few books as well as a short show series coming out.


My reading this month has been fairly lite, but I’ve been working mostly on catching up my favorite magazine subscription series. I have a hard time classifying Taproot as a magazine, though, because it’s one of the few serial publications that I always read cover to cover and collect and display. This magazine is full of heartwarming stories, recipes, and crafts. Each issue is centered around one theme - the most recent issue is Trade, and past favorites include Preserve, Song, and Folk. Most stories have more of a homesteading/self-sufficient style but are relatable tales about family, self, and growth. The entire construction is beautiful, from the writing to the photography and illustrations, and even the layouts. If you haven’t looked into this one yet, I would very highly recommend it. 


I personally have been trying to cut down the girls’ and I’s tv watching this month, so this has been a more limited area lately. However, I have been watching Scandal on Netflix and Hannibal on Amazon Prime.

Scandal is a really great lawyer/political drama. It centers around Olivia Pope and her associates and weaves through all kinds of “scandals” and crazy relationships. It definitely fills that “now she’s sleeping who?” And “his dad did what?” type of tv time. 

Hannibal is a three season show based on the Red Dragon novel by Thomas Harris. It’s is beautifully done, with amazing cinematography and storytelling. It is very graphic though, definitely not for younger viewers or the faint of heart or easily squeamish. This one also has crazy relationship threads and plot twists, and I’m almost done and still loving it. 


I have a huge mug and drinkware problem. I love hot drinks, so I love mugs to put them in. Plus, who doesn’t need a mug for every mood? My favorite travels mugs I’ve ever had have been from Starbucks, and my newest one is no exception. I recently purchased a ceramic mug from their anniversary collection, and I absolutely love it. Navy has been on my color palette for a while now and mixed with the simple gold in this mug, I can’t think of a more beautiful design. And their mugs always keep my coffee warm for what feels like forever, and with two small children, who doesn’t need that? 


While I’m a huge lover of handmade projects from the ground up, for quick fixes I am really loving prefabricated signs ready to be painted or otherwise. I’m currently working on a very fun fall/Halloween sign that I hope to be sharing with you soon! 

What things have you been loving in September? 

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


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