Thinking about Quality versus Quantity

Thinking about Quality versus Quantity

Something that has been on my never ending, always growing to-do list is to venture into handmade garments for myself and the family.

At first, it was just the idea of a special handknit sweater, maybe a pair of socks, and a sewn shirt. 

Only on occasion, and only extra special.

While this idea still holds the possibility of wonder and sentimentality, the idea has grown.

What if we each had a decent portion of our closet that was handmade? 

Or the majority?

Or all of it?

Peonies and Cream - Quality V Quantity Consider the value of your handmade items

Today, I think most people would think this sounds crazy. 

Absolutely nuts.

But not too long ago, that would have been the norm. 

While I am all for advances in knowledge, science, technology, etc.

I think there are still some very smart lessons we can learn from the past.

All those hard working women and men before us. 

And one of the greatest, to me, is value. 

It's easy in our current society to get swept up in all the want. 

All the glamorous and convenient items available, all of the lifestyles being sold in a simple beer or soda commercial. 

If only.

If I just had this, I'd be happier.

And what ends up happening?

I know for me I end up buying up lots of low priced, not very well made items. 

Especially clothes.

They usually either don't fit well, don't hold up, or don't look as imagined or displayed. 

And they basically become disposable. 

I try not to just throw usable clothes away. 

I almost always try to donate them to someone else that can use them, and probably needs them more than I do.

Even if they sit in bags in my basement for a year first.

But why go through all this trouble?

Why buy it, to hang it up, be disappointed, agonize over getting rid of something I spent money on, and then finally have to take it somewhere else?

Peonies and Cream - Quality V Quantity in Handmade items

Sometimes I tell myself making clothes is too expensive, or takes too much time. 

But if it's well made, fits, and is completely customized by me, aren't I really coming out on top?

Plus how much time and money have I spent on clothing I don't wear?

This isn't a change I expect to make overnight.

But I am trying to be more conscious and considerate of where my items are coming from, and where my money is going. 

Not just with clothing, but with all things in my life. 

As I don't expect myself of being capable of making four complete wardrobes anytime soon, especially with growing girls, I will still try to purchase quality made items, that are more versatile.

If I don't have the time to make it, I will gladly pay someone that does.

I would much rather have a house with fewer, more beautiful and lovingly made items, than full of disposable items that everyone has and no one cares about.

I want a house made for building memories and passing things down, rather than cheap entertainment and momentary satisfaction. 

Is this something that you ever struggle with? What area of your life would you most like to change from quantity to quality? And if you have any amazing sites for patterns or shopping handmade I need them!

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.








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