DIY Fall and Halloween Pumpkin Sign

DIY Fall and Halloween Pumpkin Sign

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If you read my September Favorites you know I have been loving prefabricated signs for quick and easy crafting. 

So, when I saw this double-sided pumpkin sign at Hobby Lobby, I couldn't resist making a reversible Fall/Halloween sign for our front porch.

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

This sign was super easy to make, and the majority of the time spent was on painting the lettering.

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

All you need is a prefabricated sign 

Some acrylic paints - I used Black, White, and Gold

Some brushes - I used sponge brushes to paint my base, and then a detail brush to do my lettering. 

A pencil or writing utensil

A preferred transfer method 

Washi, painting, or masking tape that won't leave marks behind

A print out of your design (or you can hand letter if you are feeling brave!)

Here's the PDF's I used, already scaled for the Hobby Lobby sign - Pumpkin Sign 

For my Fall side, I painted the background using the white and mixing in a little gold in strokes that resemble the curves of a pumpkin.

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

I did the same on the Halloween side, using black with a little white to help highlight the curves.

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

Once the two sides were done, I trimmed down my letters to make it easier to lay them out.

I used chalk to transfer my letters, then I taped them in place in a layout I liked.

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

I used my writing utensil to trace over my letters, checking a small corner of each to make sure it transferred well before removing them. 

Then I started in on the hand painting! 

Once my letters were done, I freehanded my stars on the Halloween side in gold, made a few touch ups, and was done!

That's it!

I do have just a few quick tips though -

For this particular sign, I found my sign was pretty rough on the side with the slats, and it made it harder to get clean lettering, so maybe sand over any rough areas before beginning.

I also got really crazy and thought I should paint in the spaces between the slats, and holy cow! That was the trickiest part of the whole thing! If I were going to do it again, I would skip this leaving the lettering over the slats blank, and see how I liked it from a distance. Chances are it will look great without filling these in. 

I found I made smoother, straighter lines on one side of the letters than the other, so when I went back over a second time, I turned my sign up side down to better cover the rougher sides. 

DIY Fall And Halloween Pumpkin Sign - Peonies & Cream

And that's it, a super easy and fun seasonal sign!

I've been thinking about cutting down on my seasonal and holiday decorating "clutter" and thought one way to slow myself down and make it more meaningful is to make decorations over buying new ones. I probably won't be able to stick to this 100% because there's always so many cute things out there, and my tastes and styles are always changing. But, a little is better than none, am I right?

How do you feel about seasonal decorating? Do you prefer store bought, handmade, or a little of both? 

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


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