November Favorites 2017

November Favorites 2017

So never mind that it's already WAY past the end of November.

How is it only 15 days until Christmas?


Next year, guys, remind me to start planning in August. 

I'm not even joking!

November was a great and busy month.

We were lucky enough to have two full Thanksgivings within 2 days of each other. 

All that food and family time was perfect for my soul. 

But it sure didn't leave much time to prepare for the big daddy of them all.

Never the less, I did enjoy some things throughout November that I'd love to share with you!


My husband and I binge watched all of season 2 of Stranger Things which says a lot because we get minimal television time together anymore. 

I must say I enjoyed the first season more, although I did (along with many other fans) grow to find a new kind of love for Steve Harrington in this season. My husband, on the other hand, grew the most attached to Bob Newby. While it wasn't my favorite of the two, I definitely still enjoyed this creative tale!

I also watched most of the Netflix short series Alias Grace, based on a Margaret Atwood novel. I say most because I was only an episode or two shy of finishing the 6 part series when my husband informed me that I wasn't supposed to be watching without him (BUT!? remember how I just said we never get to watch tv together!?!?).

I really enjoyed what I did watch of this show though, the storytelling is great and I love the characters and the portrayal of the time. I would definitely recommend this, but probably not when littles are around. 


I didn't get to work on much for new projects this month.

I worked a lot on a gift knit that has been going FOREVER, in hopes to gift it for a birthday party this past month, only to have my needle break about 20 rows short. 

So, that deadline came and went, and now it'll be a great Christmas gift. 

Reindeer Embroidery from Little Thimble Studio on Peonies and Cream - November 2017 Favorites

(I'm happy to say as of today, it is off the needles, finishing is done, and it just needs to be washed and blocked. YAY!).

I did work on and finish the sweetest little embroidery reindeer from Little Thimble Studios which was perfect because I've been desperately wanting to work on some more embroidery projects. 

I changed up the color scheme a little bit from the pattern, and I'm really pleased with how it came out! 

And guess what. Since I finished this before Thanksgiving, I tucked it away to put out with the rest of my Christmas decor, and just realized the other day I forgot to get it back out!


I've found so many incredible, creative, and inspiring Instagram accounts lately, it's kind of ridiculous. I seriously don't know what happened, but my feed has been blowing up and I love it. I don't want to overwhelm you guys, but I also don't want to leave any out, they're all so great! Instead of full descriptions of each, I'm going to give you the most basic idea of what each one is about, in hopes you'll check out as many as you can!

@redfeedsack - farming, quilting, sewing 

@novaquilts - quilting, family, embroidery - fiber, knitting

@alexsembroidery - embroidery

@knitsandsundry - knitting - home decor

@cloverandviolet - sewing

@tinkerellen - sewing, quilting, embroidery

@thevillecrochet - knit and crochet

@loandbeholdstitchery - quilting

@loved_by_lace - home decor

@mariesaba - food

@gillianstitches - sewing, embroidery, quilting

@bossassstitches - embroidery

@wunderblumen - home life

Whew, that's a lot! (and that's not even most of them) but they are all worth it, I promise! So go check them out. 

So now I want to know what you were loving in the month of November, or even now since it's been so long!

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


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