A Little Blue Sweater

A Little Blue Sweater

If you've followed me on social media over the last year, you've probably seen my painstakingly slow progress on this sweater for Evelyn. 

Peonies and Cream - Little Blue Sweater Stairs

It's finally done, I finished it about two months ago, and I love it!

It was a fun knit; engaging and sweet without being overly complicated. 

Especially for my first sweater or garment construction.

If you're interested, I'd highly recommend it!

Peonies and Cream - Little Blue Sweater Flowers

I started it for Evelyn during my pregnancy with Addie, and finished it after her arrival. 

And all this time working on it gave me ample opportunity to think about making for two girls, instead of just one. 

Anyone that knows me fairly well, knows I am an incredibly sentimental person.

I love photos and keepsakes, and am smitten with the idea of family heirlooms. 

I like to imagine that anything I make for my girls (or anyone for that matter) could be tenderly loved and held on to for years to come.

I also like to imagine what stories, memories, and legends will someday be brought up and handed down along with each item.

With so much hanging in the balance, how do I go about making evenly?

I have NO IDEA where she could have gotten this look from. None. 

I have NO IDEA where she could have gotten this look from. None. 

In the beginning, I felt that for everything I made for Evelyn, I needed to reproduce an equal for Addie.

Two of everything, even if varying in color or pattern.

Two blankets.

Two sweaters.

Two string arts for their rooms (this one I did follow through on).

And I already had two years worth of items to catch up on!

The stress of this, I must say, was pretty massive. 

Usually, I jump on any opportunity or excuse to make something.

Thinking of everything I had to go back and "re-make", meant all that time I would miss out on making something "new".

But the more time I spend with Addie, the more I realize they are not the same girl, so why do I have to make them the same things?

Don't get me wrong, when they come to an age that they can request handmade items, I will happily oblige, whether that means making two exact copies, or total opposites. 

But for now, as their unique personalities show through more and more, I think I'm safe in making items for each of them, that fit them, at least in that moment. 

If one of them is more of a cuddler, they'd be perfect for a blanket or a stuffed animal. 

If the other is an adventurer, I can spend my time making them a nice jacket to keep them warm while they're out exploring. 

Peonies and Cream - Little Blue Sweater Yard

I think as a parent, sometimes it's hard to realize you aren't going to be able to replicate everything exactly for each child. 

We want them to all have a fair and equal start in life, and that's understandable.

But, no matter how hard we try, they are all going to have their own unique experiences.

Even if they are standing next to each other, experiencing them together.

This is part of what makes humanity, and life so amazing.

We are all different, and that's ok!

And it's ok if we as makers make different things too!

If you're a parent or have littles of any kind in your life, how do you go about keeping things equal

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


I am in no way affiliated with Lete's Knits, nor was I compensated for this post. I genuinely love this sweater pattern. 



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