June Favorites

June Favorites

Since it's the last Friday of June, I thought I might take some time to tell you what I've been loving over the last month!

I know I am always on the lookout for new shows, podcasts, products, Instagram accounts, etc., so why not share the goodies I've found so far!


I've been listening to the Woolful podcast lately, and have been loving the in-depth interviews and discussions of all things fiber arts and inspiration. I especially enjoyed this episode, which is actually from May 2017. It's with Jessica Lewis Stevens of Sugarhouse Workshop; and her voice, stories, and outlook had me wanting more! So, of course, I stalked her Instagram account which is also gorgeous. 

Gearing up for the blog launch, I've been in all-things-blog mode. If that peaks an interest in you, then check out The How They Blog Podcast. It has lots of useful info, for total beginners or more experienced bloggers. Plus there's plenty of personality to keep you entertained as well! I will say, as far as I can tell, they have stopped producing the podcast. Although the backlog has plenty of great episodes with lots of still relevant info!


Oh my gosh you guys. I know I am late to this party, but I am OB-SESSED with RuPaul's Drag Race. If you haven't watched or even heard of it, do it now. Enough said. 


The projects that have really caught my eye are all of the sweet handmade girl's dresses out there. I've been dying to get some going for the girls before too much of the summer is over. I've especially been loving the patterns I've found on Violette Field Threads. I've purchased the LaurenPearl, and Georgia patterns, so be on the lookout for updates on those. 


Instagram is by far my most preferred social media. I am constantly finding new accounts to follow that fill me with joy, laughter, and inspiration. Some of my favorite new finds are...





And last but not least, I am so beyond excited about my new Peony plant. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone here that I love peonies, and having my own plant is basically a flower lover's dream come true. And to top it off, it's already bloomed once this summer! 

So now I'm dying to know what new things you have stumbled upon or have just been generally loving this month! 

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


I am in no way affiliated with, nor have I been compensated by any of the above brands, shows, pages, etc. These are all strictly my own opinion.

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