DIY Toddler Magnet Board

DIY Toddler Magnet Board

Life has been crazy lately, in our own home and in our community.

And our sweet Addie turned 2 this past Friday!

So, today’s post is going to be short and sweet, just like this DIY.

When we set up Evelyn’s toddler Harry Potter Room, I made her a magnet board to hang on an empty spot on her wall. And she has loved it.

DIY Toddler Magnet Board | Peonies and Cream

And of course, Addie loves to play in big sissy’s room, especially with her magnet board!

We’re in the process of transforming Addie’s Star Wars nursery, into a Star Wars toddler room, and this was the first addition I knew we’d need to make.

Plus I got her some alphabet magnets for her birthday, so she will clearly need somewhere to put them!


DIY Toddler Magnet Board | Peonies and Cream

This DIY is so simple, it only needs a few items:

For the base I used an oil drip pan. I got Evelyn’s at Walmart a few years back, but this time around they didn’t have any in our local store.

Amazon has some, but for a higher price point.

So, we ended up at Auto Zone getting this one for $9.99.

I covered it in some scrap fabric from Evelyn’s as the star theme carried over perfectly.

I tried to choose a fabric that was lite in color and with a minimal, low contrast pattern so that any magnets used will “pop” and be easily visible and definable.

Then I used a spray adhesive. I went with a medium adhesion which was more than enough to hold the fabric, but still lite enough to be flexible.

I use 3M velcro strips to attach these to the wall, 1 on each corner so 8 individuals in all. (If you aren’t already using these, what are you doing? But seriously, these are a game changer for hanging things around the house)

And I used our old trusty hot glue gun to secure the fabric edges on the back. (Mine isn’t the one linked here, it’s from Sears forever ago and no longer available).


Trim the fabric down before starting. Leave yourself some room to fit all the creases and wrap around the edge, you can always trim a bit more later if needed. I would give yourself at least .5 - 1in on each edge.

Do yourself a favor and iron your fabric beforehand. Mine was heavily wrinkled and had fold lines.

And I’m going to be honest, I tried to glue this down without ironing, and ended up fighting the wrinkles and trying to stretch them out as I laid down the fabric. Ironing really made a difference.

DIY Toddler Magnet Board | Peonies and Cream

I started spraying the adhesive in the middle, and working to one end completely, and then the second.

Give yourself some room between the pan and the spray nozzle. Holding too closely can cause the adhesive to “clump up” in areas rather than spray in an even mist, and this can show through the fabric. And of course use in a well ventilated area!

And I went a little heavier along the inside edges to help really secure the fabric at this transition. If not, when you fold the fabric over to the back it can gap at the angle between the base and the lip and not lie flat.

Also know that this adhesive carries. I had my phone sitting about 6in from the board and my screen still had a lite coat of spray on it.

Once the fabric is all adhered to the front and inside edges, simply wrap around the edges and hot glue to the back. I did all 4 straight edges first, and then went back and did the corners, trying to minimize the creases as much as I could.

Then just use your velcro strips to hang on the wall, get some magnets, and let them go to town!

I did purchase some thin magnets on Etsy that were either printed or adhered on to very thin, flexible magnet material and these did not adhere through the fabric, so keep that in mind when purchasing magnets. But all the wooden/plastic 3D magnets that I’ve purchased have worked with no issue!

This is also a great idea for grandma’s/aunts/nannies! The finished board doesn’t have to be hung up, it can easily be stored under a bed, in a closet, etc. and laid on the floor for play.

It can also be scaled down using a cookie sheet for a more portable, lap top version.

This is one of those activities that keeps our girls busy time after time. And I can swap out the magnets to keep it interesting to them, and focused on whatever we are trying to emphasize at the time.

I often find Addie up there playing quietly and completely engrossed, so I know she will love having a board of her own!

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Harry Potter Toddler Room

Oil Drip Pan: Amazon and Auto Zone

Spray Adhesive

3M Velcro Strips

Hot Glue Gun

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DIY Toddler Magnet Board | Peonies and Cream

Let me know what DIY you’ve made for your kiddos that has been the biggest hit?

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