DIY Headband and Hair Bow Holder

DIY Headband and Hair Bow Holder

Ok ladies, raise your hand if you have a bit of a hair accessories problem. 

*raises both hands*

Having two small girls at home, I'd say a "bit" of a problem is an understatement.

Especially when neither of them have much hair, and the older one refuses to keep anything in hers for more than a minute and a half.

But does that stop me? 

See for yourself.

If you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you have a drawer or basket somewhere in your home that looks similar to the one above.

And that's just in one of my girls rooms.

But with so many amazing shops on Etsy and Instagram, what do you expect?

So, rather than reigning that shopping habit in, why not beautifully organize and display all those goodies in one go?

And if you end up with an empty spot or two that just have to be filled in, go ahead and tell your husband it's all my fault (or that it was on sale, that's what I do!).

I can take it!

These holders are especially great because they are fully able to be customized to fit the space available, number of accessories, and color and style of the room. 


  • Preferred wood - I used a 1x4 and cut down to the sizes I needed.
  • Stain or paint for wood. I use Minwax Wood Finish in Red Oak 215 for the majority of our wood projects. 
  • Clothespins
  • Spray or acrylic paint for painting clothespins.
  • Ribbon or string - I ended up using some gift wrapping ribbon I had left over.
  • Adhesive - This is for attaching the clothespins. I used E6000 a general purpose glue, but I would imagine a hot glue gun or other glue adhesives would also work. 
  • Wall attachments - I used 3M Velcro picture hangers. These are what we use for most of our wall hanging, as it's easy to use, and remove, as long as the object isn't too heavy or won't have a lot of force applied (such as a hook or our DIY coat rack).


  • Tape Measure
  • Saw for cutting down wood. If you don't have a saw, I believe most hardware stores will cut in the store for you, just have your desired dimensions ready. I use a Dewalt 18v circular saw for all of my wood projects, and highly recommend one if you plan on doing a lot of wood projects.
  • 90-degree straight edge for marking woodcuts. I use a 7in heavy duty magnum rafter square, and it makes marking straight lines super easy. 
  • Pencil for marking cut lines. 
  • 2 - Sawhorse or scrap wood for elevating wood while cutting. You can get creative here, just keep in mind you want whatever you place your wood on to be stable, and spaced close enough together that you can support the top of the wood so it doesn't collapse at the end of your cut. 
  • A trusty drill. Again, I use a Dewalt 18v drill that uses the same battery pack as my saw and is essential for multiple wood projects. 
  • A drill bit for a hole large enough to feed your ribbon through. I used a 3/16 in bit.
  • A stapler for attaching the ribbon.
  • Sand paper (Optional) for smoothing edges.
  • Eye protection if cutting your wood yourself.

These are incredibly easy to set up.

First, figure out how wide you want them to be. I made all of mine the same width, to stack on one wall, but you can do whatever you'd like! 

Maybe create an upside down triangle shape, or an angled step set up. or spread them out in different areas.

Once you know your desired sizes, use your straight edge and pencil to mark where you would like to cut.

Remember, if you are cutting multiple pieces out of one length of wood, leave a small space between pieces for the width of your saw blade. 

Once you have all of your pieces marked, set your wood across your saw horses and get ready to cut them down. 

Make sure to wear eye protection!

Once all your pieces are cut, grab the drill if you are making a bow holder.

You need to drill two holes; one at either end of the board, for the ribbon to run through. The hole only needs to be big enough to feed the ribbon through to the back.

I spaced my holes evenly along the width of the board, and just eyeballed how far from the edges.

Drill your hole all the way through.

If you ended up with some rough edges from your cuts, grab a sheet of sand paper and just quickly smooth them out.

For things hung on the wall I usually don't get to picky about the edges, although my holders are hung low enough that the girls could end up rubbing up against them, so use your best judgment for the situation.

Now it's time to stain or paint!

I cover the sides and top of my board, but don't worry too much about the back because it will be hung flush with the wall.

I stained mine, but didn't seal them. Do whichever you would like.

I also took this time to spray paint the front and sides of my clothespins. I just set them out on a piece of cardboard, and sprayed them from all edges. I didn't worry about the backs/insides, or if they stuck a little to the cardboard. You can also use acrylic paint or stain.

Once they are all stained/painted and dry, we get to put them together!

This part is super quick and easy.

For the bow holder, I just took my ribbon, and tied a knot towards one end.

Leave enough of a tail to feed the ribbon through and fold over on the back to staple.

Feed the ribbon through the hole, make sure you like how it's laying in the front, and staple the ribbon to the board pulling towards the center.

Now pull the ribbon towards the other hole, add some length for a knot and a tail, and trim your ribbon.

Tie your knot so the ribbon can be pulled tight once fed through the hole.

Feed through and staple like the first end.

And that's it!

Now for the headband holders, I used a flat head screw driver to help loosen any clothespins that stuck to my cardboard.

If a little cardboard peels up, you can lightly sand it off the edges.

I eyeballed the placement of my clothespins as well. I put a thin line of E6000 along the back, and just stuck them right down!

Let the glue dry, and you're ready!

I used two sets of command velcro strips to hang each board, and have not had any issues. They are super easy to place, and leave your walls clear when you decide to take things down or move them around!

And now you're ready to fill them up with lots of gorgeous accessories! 

Some of my favorites are from:

 Girly Bowtique 

Avierley Boutique 

House of Monroe 

Bunny Knots 

(I am in no way affiliated with, or being compensated by the above shops. This is strictly my opinion.)

So tell me, who are some of your favorite hair accessory suppliers? Let me know in the comments! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.


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