Last Minute DIY Easter and Spring Tree Decor

Last Minute DIY Easter and Spring Tree Decor

Easter is one of my mom’s favorite holidays.

So of course, growing up, we were always surrounded by beautiful, springy decor around this time of year.

One of the pieces I remember the most was a small, white, wrapped wire tree that had tiny Easter themed ornaments to hang on it.

I remember being SO excited when I was old enough that she let me take charge of the “decorating” of this Easter staple.

I’ve been wanting to recreate my own version of it ever since I moved out.

DIY Easter Tree | Peonies and Cream

This is my humble and versatile solution.

It’s so easy to make, you can shop for materials and put it together all within one afternoon.

And after Easter you can remove your ornaments and use it as a spring decoration.

Or change up the faux florals included with the branches to use this year round!


DIY Easter Tree Decor | Peonies and Cream
DIY Easter Tree | Peonies and Cream

A vase or other container - Be creative here! Use a pitcher, flower pot, dairy can, etc. (If your container is clear you might want some kind of “filler” to put your branch and floral ends in so they aren’t visible. You can use vase fillers, beans, rice, easter grass, aquarium pebbles, pea gravel, or whatever else you can think of!)

Branches - Faux or real if you have access to some

Faux Florals - I added a few small floral branches to give it a more “spring time” feeling

DIY Easter Tree | Peonies and Cream

Ornaments - I found these cute speckled egg ornaments and this faux bird’s nest at Hobby Lobby. But I would love to make some ornaments with my girls over the years to add to it!

Cutting Tool - I used a pair of misc. scissors to score the branches and then bent the stems back and forth to break the wire, or you could use some wire cutters or other sharp shears (don’t use your fabric or paper scissors!)


You literally just have to put this together.

I started with the branches as they are the bulk of my filler.

I decided how long I wanted to branches, taking into account the length inside the container, and cut them down to size.

Keep in mind that if you leave your branches too long, they will likely “Slump” over the sides of your vase. But also remember if you aren't sure about length, cut a little longer, as you can always remove more if needed.

Then I did the same for my florals, cutting them mostly a bit shorter than the branches, and separating some of them. I started with one branch of each, the pink and the white, and divided them up into 4-5 a piece. This gives you a little more bang for your buck as faux florals can be a bit pricey.

Once all your florals are in, move them around till you like the overall shape and positioning.

Then simply add your ornaments to the branches!

I will admit that my branches were a little more flimsy than I would have liked, so I had to be careful with my placement so the branches did bend completely over under the weight. Keep this in mind when choosing your branches/ornaments.

And that’s it! Set it out to be enjoyed.

DIY Easter Tree Decor | Peonies and Cream

One thing I love about these branches in containers, is they can be done up so many ways. I can take off the Eggs and I’m ready to carry to Spring. Add a few more vibrant florals, and it’s summer time! Swap the florals for some autumnal leaves and I’m ready for fall. And of course use some evergreen clippings and even a few light ornaments or snowflakes and it’s winter/Christmas.

I’ve linked a few of my favorite handmade Easter Ornaments below if you’d like to create a few of your own!

Or add a small pom pom garland or pennant banner to add a little more fun!

Click the images below to follow the links

Did you have a favorite Easter Decor time growing up, or now?

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.



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