DIY Door Latch Covers

DIY Door Latch Covers

Our girls are 2 and almost 4 now, and slamming doors is already a thing in our house.

I though we had about 8 more years before that!

The biggest issue with this is that neither of them are proficient at opening the doors once they are slammed shut. So lots of little people and puppies get shut into rooms accidentally.

Or maybe not so accidentally.

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

I’ve seen these door latch covers floating around online since before Evelyn was born.

Of course as a pregnant new mom I spent 95% of the pregnancy on Pinterest learning about all of the MUST HAVES for our new child.

And these covers were a common one.

And of course I never got around to making them for her, or Addie as a baby.

Now, I don'‘t really know why, because they are seriously SO EASY and FAST to make.

On top of our recent door closure issues, we’ve had another puzzle to solve involving doors.

Our almost 4 year old has slept in a big girl bed for over a year now, meaning she has free range of her room.

And that’s great.

She also doesn’t want her door closed while she’s falling asleep at night.

No problem.

However we also have 3 pups that love to wander the house at all hours of the night when everyone else is sleeping.

Add this to an almost 4 year old that is a very light sleeper, and can’t open her door in the morning once she wakes up, and we’ve got a problem.

Up until now, we’ve been using a baby gate in her doorway as she falls asleep, and then leaving it and pulling the door almost closed after she falls asleep. Once she gets up in the morning she can swing the door open and alert us to her wakefulness.

Honestly, this has been working out just fine for everyone.

But with the closed doors issue, we thought we could tackle two problems with one solution.

SOOO, long story short, I made these door latch covers not to ensure quiet door closing (although it is nice) but to keep the doors from actually “latching”, preventing closed door issues.

While they were super easy to put together, and worked great for they intended purpose, they did not fully prevent the door from latching.

But, I was able to tape over the door latch and use these as a soft close “cover” for the hideous tape job.

Problem solved in my book.

So now, on to how to make these little covers.

They are seriously so easy!!!!

I made two in about 45 min while refereeing 2 small girls and supervising dryer repair. And ran out of bobbin thread while top stitching. I think you can tackle one in about 15 min or less.


Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Fabric - I happened to have scrap left over fort he girls’ Magnet Boards and thought it would go nicely.

Cutting materials - I use a rotary fabric cutter for most things, but you can also use nice fabric scissors

Fabric Ruler - I have a wide variety, anything small and marked should do it.

Clips or pins

2 Hair ties * I used black because that’s what I have on hand, although I would have liked to use white had I thought it through since my fabric is white*

**I think using two ribbons per side would look even better, and give for adjustability. Just keep in mind if the kiddos are big enough to move around, stand, and grab things, they might become untied. The bows could also be tacked down with glue or a few stitches once the sizing is correct. This is also a better option for doors that have “handled” door handles, rather than round, as it will be harder to stretch the ties around both handles.**

Basic sewing machine pieces (thread, needle, bobbin, machine, etc.)


Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Cute two pieces of fabric, both 3x4 in.

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Sandwich the two pieces of fabric, right sides facing together, with the hair ties sticking out of each of the short ends. The first one I only had a small amount of the hair tie lying past the fabric edge. The second I went about half and half. Somewhere in the middle of this I think would be great. If you are using ribbon, you only need a small amount overhanging the fabric, maybe 1/4 - 1/2 in.

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Use pins or clips to secure fabric sandwich and ties(ribbon or hair ties).

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Sew around the edge of the fabric using about a 1/4 in seam allowance. Go over the ties 2-3 times to secure.

Leave about a 2in gap on one of the long sides to turn.

Trim all your thread ends ( they don’t have to be trimmed real close, it just minimizes bulk and visibility in thinner, lighter fabrics.)

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Turn the cover right side out, try to square your corners and edges as much as possible.

Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Now top stitch the whole rectangle using about a 1/8in seam allowance. Use this top stitching to catch and close the open gap used for turning.

And that’s it!

Note - my fabric was relatively thin. This made sure the door could still close easily with it on, but it also minimized its effectiveness. A nice medium to thick cotton fabric would ideal.

Now just slip or tie the ties over the door handle and you’re ready to go!

While you’re making these for yourself, take a few extra minutes to make a handful and have them on hand for DIY baby shower gifts!

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Fabric scissors

Fabric ruler

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Door Latch Covers | Peonies and Cream

Have you tried these or a version of them? If so, what did you think?

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