What is a Creative Lifestyle?

What is a Creative Lifestyle?

So all over the blog, social media, emails, and pretty much everywhere that I have content, I talk about a creative lifestyle.

But what does that mean?

What does living a creative life entail?

Does it mean that absolutely everything in your life has to be handmade? 

Does it mean that you have to invest in the most expensive, top of the line arts and crafts supplies?

Do you need some sort of an art degree?

Of course not!

Living a creative life certainly could include in those things, if you have time (and money) for all of that. But I know I don't.

Sometimes, although I have about 50 started projects of various kinds stashed away, I'll go months without pulling a single one out. 

Does that mean I'm not truly living a creative life either?

If I don't constantly have a project at my fingertips, waiting for a beautifully styled Instagram update, am I living a lie?


Some days I am lucky (or selfish) enough to spend all of my free time working on a long list of projects. And then other days it's a miracle if I snap an Instagram worthy picture in about 2 minutes, and get it posted after the girls are in bed. 

But that's the thing about creativity.

You can truly apply it anywhere in your life.

You can be creative with your hairstyle, wardrobe, or makeup.

You can be creative with the playlist you play in the car while running errands.

Or in how you skillfully whip a dinner up out of "nothing to eat".

Maybe you find creativity in how you plan your flower garden.

Or the way you fill out your planner, with fancy stickers and markers, or a simple ball point pen. 

It could even be the particular type of bubble mustache you give your 2 year old during her bath.

The point is, being creative is simply putting your own spin or style on anything. 

And these little outlets are the best way to live creatively between all those bigger, Pinterest worthy projects. Because sometimes, for whatever reason, those are too few and far between.

What's your favorite way to fit creativity into your "everyday" life? Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.



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