The Best Christmas Gifts for Shopping Handmade

The Best Christmas Gifts for Shopping Handmade

As makers, we tend to want to make as many presents as possible (at least I know I do.) 

But often times that isn't always feasible. 

So what's the next best thing?

Supporting other makers and shopping handmade of course!

So, I scoured through Etsy to find my favorite handmade picks for just about anyone, and thought I'd share them with you. 

Happy Shopping!

25 Stunning Gift Ideas for Shopping Handmade this Holiday Season - Peonies and Cream

For The Maker

Embroidery Patterns and Kits

No matter what type of maker you're shopping for, almost all like to make anytime, anywhere. That isn't always possible depending on the craft, but embroidery is an easy, portable, fun way to make on the go. Here are some of my favorite embroidery kits and patterns from some of my favorite shops. 


Weaving Kit

This sweet little weaving kit from Wool Couture Company would be perfect for a maker of any type. 

Calligraphy Kit

This calligraphy kit from TJones Calligraphy looks like the best way for any maker, DIYer, or even someone who loves snail mail to learn a new way to add that extra kuttke something to their work. It looks so handy I'm even considering getting myself one, no joke!

Soap Making Kit

This organic soap making kit from Arterno would honestly be fun for maekers and non-makers alike. Who doesn't love amazing smelling, fancy looking, homemade soap? No one, that's who!


For the Gardener 

This Gardener's Gift Tin from Wild Violetta and these Botanical Seed bombs from Renaissance Botanical would make any green thumb blush.

For the Dog (or Cat) Lover

This sweet treat advent calendar from Noribees Crafties will be a huge hit with any pet lover. I know we all know someone who loves their dog as much as a kid (really, who doesn't?) and treats them just as well, if not better. So what could be better than 25 days of goodies?


For the Chef

If I know one thing about people that love to cook, it's that they love their tools and gadgets. It's almost like a status symbol for them to show off what crazy kitchen notions they have. These items are sure to be a big hit with any food lover. 

The personalized cutting board is always a hit, whether it's for actual use, for serving, or for display. This beautiful one from WoodBeMine is sure to hit the spot. 

These Foodie Dice from Two Tmbleweeds are perfect for the adventurous cook that always wants to try something new. With just a roll of the dice, an entirely new entree will be created, complete with cooking method, meat choice, vegetables, and herbs/spices. 

And for the baker, this strawberry rolling pin from Woodartukraine is sure to have them baking for you in no time!


For the Adventurer

If you have any friends that are wanderlust, these next items will surely help them out. 

If they are a pun-loving T-shirt collector, this alpaca shirt from WLKRDSGN will be a great fit. 

This Booze & Bonfires mug from PNWenamelCo would be great for sipping coffee (or anything else) by the campfire. 

And these soy camping candles from SweetDCandles are perfect for reminding adventurers of the great outdoors while they're stuck at home. 

This scratch-off map from TravelCorner is the perfect place for them to commemorate all of their journeys. 


For the Tech Savvy

These two organizers will definitely help any tech lover organize their cords and probably their life. 

There's the computer desk organizer from Witty Novelty, and the charging station from citybythebaycustom.


For Just About Anyone Else

If none of the previous ideas did it for you, one of these five will. 

First, how can you go wrong with Geodes and air plants? This little plant holder from HappyBrands will make sure they always have something beautiful to look at.

This Copper Coffee Pour Over from YuccaLane is the most stylish way to make coffee, no electricity needed!

This Baby It's Cold Outside coffee mug from SmokeandSpirits is the best pairing for the coffee pour over. 

The bath tray from SpudsCreativeAsylum has room for everything someone needs to truly pamper themselves.

And lastly, these leather mug holders from PortlandLeather are the coolest way to drink from any plain old mason jar. 

So tell me, do you like to shop handmade for the holidays? If so, what are your favorite shops or items?

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.

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