A year of Bullet Journaling

A year of Bullet Journaling

I love the fresh start that comes with the new year. All the opportunity for change, organization, and new plans.  

And for the same reasons, I’ve always loved planners.  

It might just be because they help me feel like I’m getting my life together, even if that’s not actually the case. 

but I feel like it’s more than that.  

As a mom, full-time out-of-house worker, and home coordinator, AND crafter, having somewhere to brain dump and organize my thoughts really helps me keep from feeling overwhelmed. 

So, I had to try out the bullet journal craze and committed to it for a whole year.  

Like many people, I feel like I’m always trying to find the perfect system to fit my style and needs. 

And that’s one thing I loved about the bujo system - it can literally be whatever you want or need it to be. 

So I thought I’d share all the things I found out from a whole year of bullet journaling!  

Everything I learned after 1 year of bullet journaling - Peonies and Cream

Spoiler alert: I’m using it again for 2018 so, I guess you could say I like it ;) 

When I'm not on the go with my bullet journal, I leave it open to the current week, on my kitchen island where I will see it and update it the most throughout the day. 

I loved being able to tailor my monthly and weekly layouts to included or make room for whatever I wanted.  

I started pretty optimistically, with detailed layouts, but this quickly fell by the waste side.  

Traditionally, you are only supposed to fill in what you need right then - the current week or so, so that you can use the next pages for whatever comes up.  

I tried to stay true to this style but found out that if I was busy and didn’t get my next weekly layout in before I needed it, then I tended to put it off. Or ended up just scribbling in what I needed (which was alright from a utilitarian standpoint, but didn’t please my esthetic senses).  

For 2018 I went through and spaced out pages for all my monthly and weekly planning to be in the front, and everything else to come after. That way I can fill in a months worth of spreads and have them ready when I need them. I only plan to work a month or so ahead so that I can still tailor what works and doesn’t into the following month.  

I really loved seeing all the trackers for various things and tried to utilize them in both weekly and monthly layout, but ultimately found that I was poor at keeping up with them.  

I’m going to try again in 2018, so we will see how that goes. 

As for additional collections and lists, I really loved this idea. 

I love the idea of listing all kinds of things out and having them in one easy to find space.

The main thing though that I'm not as good with is updating them. 

Some lists were started, and never updated again. 

Others were occasionally used, but ultimately not as helpful as I had hoped. 

I did enjoy having extra free space to list out things for the blog, layout some ideas, make lists for things like Evelyn's birthday party, etc. 

I even left space at the end of November and December for Thanksgiving and Christmas gift lists, menus, and general to-dos.

The second half of the year I started to run into scheduling and appointments that carried over into the next year. I wasn't sure how to handle this best, so I thought I'd simply list out the next year, and fill in whatever dates I needed. This was pretty tedious and space-wasting. For 2018 I think I might "block off" each month over a 2 page spread, and just scribble in what I need.

This was one of the collections or lists I really wanted to work. I made an inventory of all the meat we had in our freezer and tried to keep up with what I added or used. I tend to make meal plans and grocery lists when I am away from home, and so I was really hoping to have an idea of what I had to work with and could plan around while I was on the go. I might take another go at this one in 2018 and try to figure out a way to make it work because I still really like the idea of it, so we will have to see what I can make work.

  I really enjoyed using little washi tape "tabs" to organize my collections. I picked a tape for each category I wanted: Blog, Craft, Other and then "tabbed" each collection or list so I could skim through more easily. 

Overall I really enjoyed the usefulness and freedom this journal/planner gave me, and look forward to exploring it more this year. 

TIP: If your journal's pages aren't pre-numbered, number them! You seriously need this to keep track of things! Index, Index, Index!

I am really excited about my 2018 bullet journal. I went with the actual leuchtturm notebook for the first year, and enjoyed it, but I just got my 2018 one off Amazon and am really pleased. It isn't pre-numbered which isn't a huge deal, but the pages are much thicker and more durable, it does have perforated pages in case you need to remove something, and it comes with a pen loop! So be sure to check it out if you are considering getting one. 

Check out some of my favorite beautiful and functional bullet journal inspirations below! (Click each photo to see more inspiration!)

Have you tried bullet journaling? If so, what did or didn't you like? 

Let me know in the comments below! Or, tag me in an Instagram post with @Peoniesandcream or #Peoniesandcream.



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