2019 Make Nine and Craft Goals

2019 Make Nine and Craft Goals

January means it’s time to set all of our intentions and goals for the year ahead.

Even if it is the last week of January!

I made a quick video running through all of my 2019 make nine knitting projects (you can watch it at the bottom of the post!).

If you don’t know, #makenine is an Instagram challenge where you create a 9up photo grid of the 9 knitting patterns you hope to make in the following year.

I’ve also seen them for sewing projects, especially garments, or for crafty goals in general.

You can see mine on Instagram HERE.

My 2019 Make Nine are as follows…

2019 Make Nine and Craft Goals | Peonies and Cream
Puntilla by Joji Locatelli

Puntilla by Joji Locatelli

I love the simple design of this sweater. Nice clean lines, a flattering fit, and subtle lace edging on the cuff and bottom hem. While this is one of the more “plain” patterns on my list, it’s one that I’m most excited about!

Wool and Honey by Andrea Mowry

Wool & Honey by Andrea Mowry

This sweater was a big hit in 2018, and it’s easy to see why. I love how the 3D design creates interest here rather than color work or construction. Plus Andrea’s love of all things garter stitch is really starting to grow on me, especially when it comes to plushy sweaters like this!

Morning Mist by Annie Rowden

Morning Mist by Annie Rowden

I’m slightly obsessed with the lace panel on the back of this sleeveless sweater/shirt. I love the light, romantic feel of it. Plus I love the lighter nature of this piece, perfect for the spring when it’s harder to wear all of our heavier knit sweaters.

Ramble by Andrea Mowry

Ramble by Andrea Mowry

This shawl really caught my eye with its bold, contrasting design. The chevron portion is knit in brioche, which creates the most amazing, squishy, dimensional fabric. Plus I love how the design takes center stage over the yarn here.

For Fox Sake by Max the Knitter

For fox sake by Maxim Cyr

Isn’t this the most fun sweater ever? I absolutely love the quirky yet classic design. This one is further down on my list, not because I like it less, but because the color work intimidates me. I’ve never done any real color work, and the highly detailed pattern has me a little nervous. But I WILL knit this sweater one day, whether it ends up being this year or not.

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry

Comfort Fade Cardi by Andrea Mowry

This sweater has been big ever since it was released, and I was hesitant to include it because it seems like everyone else has already knit it. But, I love the construction with the thick cool like neckline, and I’ve never done a fade construction. And who can have too many chunky knit sweaters?

What the Fade?! by Andrea Mowry

What the Fade?! by Andrea Mowry

This shawl is also clearly another fade design. What can I say, I want to join the fade train?! I love the wide triangle design and the tassels. While I wouldn’t normally by a huge tassel person, especially in large quantities, I feel that they fit this shawl perfectly.

Raindrops by Tin Can Knits

Raindrops by tincanknits

This sweet sweater is for little Addie. Her big sister, Evelyn, already owns two hand knit sweaters (even though she refuses to wear one), and poor Addie has none. So, while I’m not sure if she minds or not, I’m easing my mom guilt and making it up to her! This little sweater would be perfect with a pair of little jeans or overalls, and is the perfect sweater/shirt option to be styled so many ways! I just have to decide on a full or 3/4 sleeve. Maybe she’ll get one of each!

Moraine by tincanknits

This sweater is featured in the new Strange Brew pattern collection, which I had a hard time choosing from. But I love that this whole sweater is patterned, not just the yolk. Plus I love when the yolk motif is carried out through the sleeve and body hems. This sweater is an all over win, and I’m so excited to knit my first color work sweater. I just need to decide on a main color scheme to work off with. Any suggestions?

Well that wraps up all my 2019 make nine!

While I don’t expect to finish, or maybe even start all of these projects, it sure is fun to dream! I love imaging having all these additions to my wardrobe.

I of course have more crafty ambitions for the year! Some more things I’d love to complete are -


4 Pairs of sock

Addies’ Acorn mitts

2 plushies, 1 for each girl

1 baby blanket to start a gift ‘stash’.


Finish my Falling Leaves quilt

1 quilt for Addie

1 quilt for the house

100 hexies basted for scrap quilt


Bowl cozies

3 rice packs (1 for each girl, a new one for the ‘house’)

Sewing machine cover

1 garment for me

Learn to use Serger


Catch up Project Life (only 2 1/2 years behind)

Addie’s bookcase

Wood mountain hanging

Create upstairs bar area

Girls’ art displays

Addie coat rack

And, I think that’s enough for now!

Didn’t I say I like to dream big?

Although this will be my first full year with a craft room, so I’m hoping that will help me out a ton!

So let me know, do you have crafty goals for the upcoming year? Did you make a Make Nine?

And so, what are planning to start with or have already started on? And what are you MOST excited to make?

Let me know in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram or Facebook with #peoniesandcream or @peoniesandcream so I can see all your crafty aspirations! And link to your make nine if you have one. I love to see everyones, and can always use a little more inspiration!

And don’t forget to check out the video below, and like and subscribe on Youtube so you never miss a video!

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