2018 Make Review

2018 Make Review

With the end of the year closely approaching as I write this, it’s time to take a look back at my year of crafting.

I had some great successes!

And also, didn’t even start most of my goal projects.


What can ya do?

Back in January I posted all of my crafty dreams and goals for the year. You can see that post here.

And here is the low down on how I really did.


Acorn Mitts - Peonies and Cream
  • Mittens - Success I finished Evelyn’s pair of Acorn mittens, plus a handful of “trial” mittens (more like made a mistake, and it was easier to just start over). I loved them so much I plan to make Addie a matching pair.

    Acorn Mitts by Ashley Yousling knit with Yarn Bee Brushworks Silver

  • Colorwork or Fair Isle Did not start (DNS)

  • Finish a pair of socks (I have one in the works currently) FAIL although I am 1 inch away from finishing a knee high sock, which will hopefully be done by the time this post goes up.

  • Fingerless gloves DNS

  • Shawl FAIL But I did start my Baubles shawl from Andrea Mowry and I am loving it!

  • Start a scrap blanket DNS

  • Two at a time socks DNS

  • Socks with an afterthought heel DNS

  • Fish lips kiss heel DNS


  • Finish my Maple Leaf Dance quilt FAIL I almost have all of the fabric pieces cut, if that counts?

  • Make Addie a quilt DNS

  • A quilt for our bed DNS

  • Establish three hexie scrap quilts and decide on a pattern DNS

  • Start two secret gift quilts DNS


VFT Lauren Dress | Peonies and Cream
  • A sewing organizer DNS

  • A sewing machine cover DNS

  • An adult shirt DNS

  • An adult dress DNS

  • At least 1 garment for each girl Half Success

    I made Evelyn’s Lauren dress from Violette Field Threads using fabric from Ivie Cloth Co and Bethan Janine and love how it came out.

  • A tote or other project bag DNS

  • Fabric baskets for the girls' bookcase downstairs DNS - Bought instead

  • Bowl cozies DNS

Other Crafts and Projects

  • Catch up my project life (I'm about 2 1/2 years behind. Yikes!) FAIL Although I did finish 2015 and I am about 1/2 way through 2016.

  • Evelyn's first year book DNS

  • Addie's first year book DNS

  • Finish our hall tree Success We do have one small step to finish, but our hall tree is in use, and I am counting this a success!

  • Build entry table DNS

  • Bookshelf for Addie DNS

  • Quilt ladder for office DNS

  • Yarn and fabric dying DNS

  • Wood burning DNS

  • Wood carving DNS

  • Spinning - drop spindle or wheel DNS

  • Get back to drawing DNS

  • Watercolors DNS

  • 1 year in stitches embroidery project (I am starting this late as I have not received my supplies yet, so I am still debating - do I "cheat" and make up for the stitches I missed, or start and go 365 days from there?) FAIL I did start this project, and love the progress I made, but found it hard to keep inspired. I also didn’t make this the most accessible project for a daily one. I would still like to finish off the project with key themes and events from our year, because I love how it is looking for far!

I also made these cute little Knitted Friends by Suzy Wool using Drops Alpaca for the girls. I technically made the bunny last December, but I’m counting it for 2018 because, well, I can!

I also finished Evelyn’s Daniel Tiger Sweater using Tanis Lavallee’s R&R Hoodie pattern, zipper and all.


And I started and finished my Weekender Sweater by Andrea Mowry out of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and couldn’t be happier!

So - 2018.

Don’t worry folks, it’s all behind us now!

I have to say, for not being the most productive craft year ever, I am extremely pleased with the projects i did accomplish, as well as all the growth I felt I made in the last 365 or so days!

So, what was your favorite project you completed in 2018? And how did you do on all your crafty goals?

Let me know in the comments below, or tag @peoniesandcream and #peoniesandcream on social media!

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