All in Life

Thinking about Quality versus Quantity

Something that has been on my never ending, always growing to-do list is to venture into handmade garments for myself and the family.

At first, it was just the idea of a special handknit sweater, maybe a pair of socks, and a sewn shirt. 

Only on occasion, and only extra special.

While this idea still holds the possibility of wonder and sentimentality, the idea has grown.

What if we each had a decent portion of our closet that was handmade? 

Or the majority?

Or all of it?

A Little Blue Sweater

If you've followed me on social media over the last year, you've probably seen my painstakingly slow progress on this sweater for Evelyn. 

It's finally done, I finished it about two months ago, and I love it!

And all this time working on it gave me ample opportunity to think about making for two girls, instead of just one. 

DIY Toddler Coat Rack

I'm just doing a quick post today to show off Evelyn's new toddler coat rack.

This girl knows that when the weather is chilly, she can't go outside without a jacket.

And the girl loves to go outside!

So, I thought it'd be fun to make a cute little coat rack to hang her seasonal jackets and sweaters on.

June Favorites

Since it's the last Friday of June, I thought I might take some time to tell you what I've been loving over the last month!

I know I am always on the lookout for new shows, podcasts, products, Instagram accounts, etc., so why not share the goodies I've found so far!

I Decided to Start a Blog

After years of discussing, and dreaming, I finally went through with starting a blog! And guess what. You showed up to read it. 

So why did it take me so long to start one? And what made me finally decide to jump in? I'm glad you asked.